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Low Testosterone Therapy

What is the cost for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?


FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with Dr. Petty  / Limited Time Offer !

JOINING MEMBERS – $160 per month

**(10% discounts for First Responders, Active Military & Military Veterans

**TRT services provided

  • Maximum dose Testosterone therapy!
  • Weekly T Injections In Clinic or Self Administered at Home
  • Estrogen Blocking Medication (prevents Gynecomastia “Man Boobs”
  • All Supplies ie Syringes- Needles- Alcohol Skin Cleansers- Sharps Containers
  • All Routine Lab Follow ups
  • TRT Consultation Follow up with Dr Petty
  • Shipping Costs option will be $15 per shipment


Maximum Testosterone Therapy Maximum dose Testosterone therapy!

  • **10% Discount to Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Medical 1st Responders !
  • **Includes office or virtual visits, injections, estrogen blockers, supplies, and labs

Does Petty Clinic Low T provide additional health care services or prescription therapy?

YES!  We are excited to announce that we now offer the following additional M

**Additional products available for additional charge @ discounted rate

  • HCG Injections (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
    • $10 in office injections
  • B12 Injections (Vitamin B12)
    • $10 in office injections or $100 per bottle
  • Clomid Therapy (Clomiphene) – Natural T Booster – “prescription only”
    • $150 monthly
  • GH Peptides -SermorelinNatural Booster of Growth Hormone – “prescription only” 
  • $175 per month therapy -300mcg daily (6 month cycle recommended)
  • $250 per month therapy -500mcg daily (6 month cycle recommended)
    • (diagnosis must reflect a true baseline lab deficiency and symptoms of GH deficiency)
  • IGF-1 GH Lab Screening
    • $50

**Discounted Urgent Care Visits Now Available for ALL Petty Clinic Low T Members !! 

$20 Urgent Care Phone or Virtual Visits (Telemedicine)

$40 Urgent Care in Office Encounter Visits !! (Typical medical issues)

**DISCOUNTED LAB SERVICES –  We offer a 90% Discounted pricing on ALL lab services !! (If you are looking for a certain lab – we can provide it !!- Examples include Thyroid, Cholesterol, Blood typing, Fertility Testing, Comprehensive Mens Health Panels etc)

What are the common symptoms of Low Testosterone Hormone (Low T)?2019-11-02T04:20:16-06:00

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual (Erectile) Dysfunction
  • Loss of Sexual Interest
  • Reduced Energy
  • Decreased Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Decreased General Mood and Ambition
  • Consistent Feeling of Being Tired
  • Abdominal Fat Accumulation
What are the likely benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?2019-11-02T04:19:56-06:00

Once the appropriate dosage has been established for you, here are some of the benefits you will likely experience:

  • Improved Sexual Drive and Performance
  • Increase in Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Decrease in Belly Fat
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood and Ambition
  • Increase in Metabolism
  • Increased Bone Mineral Density
  • Improved Memory and Concentration
What are the treatment options?2020-02-11T03:40:56-06:00

There are many methods for providing T Replacement Therapy.  Many of the new methods such as pellet therapy, intranasal sprays, and creams fail to achieve the maximum T levels and benefits we strive for at Petty Clinic Men’s Health.

By far, Injection therapy is the most effective way to achieve optimal benefits while minimizing side effects.  Testosterone can be injected once weekly in the muscle ​ or ​twice weekly in the subcutaneous fat.  At Petty Clinic we provide the highest quality injectable “​prescription only” ​ Testosterone Cypionate​ products available to help ​maximize your T levels!   Dr Petty will closely monitor your blood levels to determine the proper dosage that is best for your individual needs.

What dosage and type of testosterone will I receive initially with my therapy?2019-11-02T04:16:58-06:00

It is important to know that we offer an initial dosage of 200mg weekly of Depo-Testosterone Cypionate to maximize your benefits !!

**Beware of other clinics who offer competitive rates yet provide very small dosages of Testosterone or every other week injections which will limit, delay, or prevent your possible benefits!   Many of these low T clinics are businesses with maximum profit in mind for themselves so be certain you know the details of the program you are considering!

Petty Clinic Low T offers the most competitive membership rates while providing the maximum dosage of Testosterone to safely allow the rapid benefits YOU expect and deserve!!

How long do I need to stay on therapy?2019-11-02T04:16:01-06:00

For most people, Hypogonadism ( Low T ) is a chronic condition.  Occasionally, Low T levels may be temporary due to infection, or physical/emotional stress. When the infection is cleared, the physical damage heals, or the emotional stress is resolved, then testosterone levels may return to normal. Most men have been experiencing symptoms for months or years and are considered chronic and will likely need on-going treatment to keep Testosterone levels in the normal range. If therapy is discontinued, the negative symptoms will soon return… usually within a couple of months.

What happens if I stop therapy?2020-02-11T03:39:34-06:00

Again, most men who discontinue therapy will revert back to their pre therapy baseline levels within a few months.  Those levels have been diagnosed as being too low, causing unwanted symptoms and thus in need of Low T therapy.

If for any reason you decide to discontinue treatment, Dr Petty will assist and supervise a safe plan of TRT discontinuation (Post Cycle Therapy / PCT) to allow you to easily titrate off the therapy thus lowering your risk of side effects.  The ​PCT will also Boost your Natural production of Testosterone.

Is therapy covered by insurance?2019-11-02T04:14:49-06:00

Low T is a chronic condition and though some insurance carriers will pay for the therapy, Petty Clinic PLLC has chosen to no longer endure the constraints and the burden of insurance companies and is now offering comprehensive TRT at a fraction of the cash price of other Low T clinics who accept insurance. Also, it is common that insurance companies will require costly copayments with each weekly visit or deductibles which are typically more expensive than our present rates. In addition, if needed, our rates offer the choice for complete 24/7 access to Primary Healthcare coverage by Dr Petty who is Board Certified.

Why are weekly injections common and necessary?2020-02-11T03:38:07-06:00

The goal of treatment is to find a steady state testosterone level to minimize the peaks and valleys of therapy. Patients on extended intervals between injections often experience higher than optimal levels early on after injection (the peak) and a drop in therapy benefits before their next injection (the valley). The half life of muscular injections of Testosterone Cypionate is 7 days which means ½ the T dose is present In the body at day 7 The half life of subQ injections of Testosterone Cypionate is 3.5 days therefore 2 T injections are recommended each week. The goal of course is to achieve maximum peak levels and to avoid low trough levels which could cause unwanted low T symptoms to occur again.

What if I am unable to make my scheduled weekly visits for injections or what if I have vacation or travel?2020-02-19T02:17:39-06:00

Should you be on vacation or out of town for an extended period of time, accommodations can be made with the guidance of Dr. Petty to help maintain therapeutic (good) levels of Testosterone. Once we get you feeling great and performing great, we take pride in keeping you at that HIGH PERFORMANCE level!

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