Comprehensive Men’s Health

All Men ​deserve to be healthy!

All Men ​deserve high quality medical care!

All Men ​deserve same day – on time appointments!

All Men deserve comprehensive health services focusing on ​Men’s Health!


Let’s face it …. We Men live very busy lives and the last thing we want is to wait for hours in a Drs office for a rushed examination with the minimum standard of care and work up allowed by our expensive health insurance or for way too much money!

Most of us Men have to be pushed by someone else to even go for a health checkup! At Petty Clinic we are ​NOT​ your typical Drs visit!

Petty Clinic Men’s Health ​is a private exclusive medical clinic providing the ​HIGHEST LEVEL OF CARE to our Men!

Our Focus is on Men and we provide​ ​Optimal Healthcare Services to Men ​in ​an ​atmosphere catering to Men!

Iron sharpens iron ….and we are here to help shape you Men into High Performance – High Quality Men!

We offer ​same day ​Office or Virtual Visits, the ​highest level of lab screening​ and ​comprehensive testing ​available to help achieve ​superior health.

If you choose an “in office “ with Dr Petty you will be provided the time you deserve to allow for a complete discussion and evaluation to manage your healthcare to the best level possible.

Comprehensive Lab panels

Offering 90 % lab discounts on Comprehensive Men’s Health lab panels which includes lab tests screening for active disease or illness plus providing results to maintaining health. This detailed lab panel includes lab testing results along with a phone discussion of results with Dr Petty

$300 – Petty Clinic Men’s Health Detailed Lab Panel ​includes to following tests:

CBC​ – measures red and white blood cells and platelets

CMP​ – measures glucose (sugar), kidney and liver function, Electrolytes, Protein

Lipid​ Panel – measures Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides

NMR​ 8 Panel – detailed cholesterol test of cholesterol particles to determine risk

Urinalysis​ – measures urine for sugar, protein, ketones, infection and blood

A1C​ – measures blood sugar avg over 2 to 3 months to diagnose Diabetes

TSH​ – measures thyroid hormone activity

PSA​ – measures prostate functioning and prostate cancer biomarker

CEA​ – biomarker for colon and rectal cancers

CA 19-9 ​- biomarker for pancreas and gastrointestinal cancer

AFP-™​ – biomarker for testicular, liver, stomach and pancreas cancers

HCG-™​ – biomarker for testicular cancer

hs-CRP​ – measures to assess for heart disease risk and inflammation

Igf-1 / GH -​ measures Growth Hormone functioning

Uric Acid​ – measures for gout

**​Typically this panel would cost $3000 + in a walk in lab 

Petty Clinic Men’s Health provides a full spectrum of Comprehenive Health Services to include …yet not limited… to the following examples: