SEMAGLUTIDE – Ozempic / Wegovy

At Petty Clinic Men’s Health – we firmly believe that weight loss therapy should be offered at an affordable price!

Semaglutide therapy is provided initially at a starting dose that minimizes side effects with the dosage increasing on a monthly basis.. most individuals can reach their maintenance dose within a few months.

Please see our favorable affordable pricing plan below:

$50 PER WEEK – FIRST 7 WEEKS – Once a week injections

$60 PER WEEK – NEXT 8 WEEKS – Once a week injections

$75 PER WEEK – MAINTENANCE DOSE – Once a week injections

Affordable & highly effective FDA approved Weight Loss Therapy is finally here!

Contact the Petty Clinic team today to set up your initial physician courtesy consultation with Dr. Petty to discuss Semaglutide as a possible therapy for you!